I have been singing all my life. In the early days I saw a flamenco show in Copenhagen, and i cried myself thrue the whole performance. In new in that instent moment that flamenco was the new me. I looked up a teacher in Copenhagen and started taking lessons from him, his name is Thierry Boisdon. Everything seemed right and a wanted to learn it for real in Spain where the flamenco has its routs. In 2007, after many shows of my own in Denmark and Sweden, I took to Sevilla to study the art of cante / singing flamenco.
From 2007 till 2010 I went at the Fundacion Cristina Heeren in Sevilla. A tree years full time flamenco academy for flamenco singing, dancing and guitar. I studied the art of singing and I recived a schoolarship half of the time I was there. 
In sevilla I studied tradisjonel flamenco. I did several performances and I joined some singing competitions. I was in local radios and in newspapers because I was the first non Spanish singer that ever had sighting up for the singing competitions. I did not win ofcourse but I wan a loot of respect and prowed for many flamenco affisionados that I foranger can sing flamenco for real.